Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I should probably write this post three weeks ago, but I didnt.. It's one of my favorite photoshoots so I think it's better to show you it later than never. The photoshoot is from polish Fashion Magazine featuring Rick Genest,  styled by Pola Madej-Lubera and photographed by Mateusz Stankiewicz. You can guess that I am a fan of Zombie boy.;D Most of all because he's so intriguing, but also because I like tattoos. I have always wanted to know how looked like Rick Genest before getting all those tattoos, and thanks to 'Go beyond the cover' advertising I already know! Great day all you!!


Hope u like it!
Kisses, Kasia;)


  1. It is so strange for someone to be like this..but i like the way he promotes himself!Love tattoos and definitely people with no doubts for what they have done.For more people he is a freak man, but for me he is beautiful inside his art of tattoo.nice post!I would like to follow each other..let me know!and by the way thns for your comment. kisses

  2. This kid kind of creeps me out! x

  3. absolutely in love with him! and the go beyond the cover video it's awesome, can't stop play it everytime I drop by youtube ;)


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